Sunday, 31 January 2010

I am a real Disney freak. It is a year since I went last and I am thinking about planning my next trip. I am using this picture of the kids for my next scrapbooking project. The blues and the pinks really stand out for me and I am also going to include a little pirate map topper.

This actual pic was taken at Disneyland Paris, but our favourtie destination is Disneyworld Florida, especially Animal Kingdom Lodge.

When we were last there we noticed that many people were taking advantage of the Disney dining plan, which is one of the many Disney tips talked about in the Disney savings guide.You can read about the guide here.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Promoting scrapbooking and crafts to a wider audience

There is a new web site in town which can help crafters and scrapbookers promote their craft to a wider audience. This is particularly good if you have maybe a Etsy shop and want to direct people to find your product. The site is called and it publishes useful information article from crafters or anyone who has a useful information to impart about their craft, skill, or experience.

I have posted an article about how to scrapbook and the great thing is that I get a link back to my website from a young authority website. So if you have something to share and would like to promote your website at the same time visit and email them with your ideas. They may include a directory entry just for you.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Scrapbooking using card toppers

I worked on another scrapbook layout last night. I am writing an ebook on scrapbooking and this is one of the layouts I came up with. This is the second time I worked with this photo. The first time I really made a mess of it and it looked very cluttered. Fortunately as I work with downloadable printable scrapbook papers, I just cut out my photo, scrapped the original layout an started over.

This one is a great scrapbook layout for girls I used this lovely pink abstract heart scrapbook paper and some great Art Deco style Hollywood stripes, and of course I used this fab card topper of the Grand Canyon to do a Thelma and Louise spoof.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Images of London

I recently wrote an ezine article about a recent trip to London. London was my hometown for many years, I was born there, went to school there, and worked there for many years. In now live in rural Derbyshire, but I still visit London from time to time.

I will do some scrapbook pages using images of London at some time especially as we got some good photos of the London eye.

Anyway is one of my pet projects. As photography is another of my hobbies.

Click here to read Images of London - Top tips on what to do and see in London.

Scrapbook layouts.

It was fun going through all the old photos and looking at how much the kids have changed.

I did this layout for a picture taken at Disney

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Introduction to scrapbooking

My first introduction to scrapbooking came last year when I visited the CHA show in LA this time last year. I was amazed at all the wonderful papers and machines that are on the market to help scrapbookers make fabulous scrapbook pages.

I have been working all year since to develop my interest in scrapbooking and have come up with scrapbook paper e-cuts and some lovely downloadables. Last night I dug out some picture of the kids when we took them to disney land paris and soon I will be putting some unique scrapbook layouts.

Click the link to see a selection of original scrapbook papers for instant download. And here you will find some scrapbooking tips.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

New facebook fan page and new tutorial

I have just added a fan page for and also I have completed a new video tutorial on a beautiful poppy card made with a poppy card topper.